Who Do You Identify With?

Raw and uncut…Follow Mr PIEN as he uses the dictionary to walk you through the process of how he processes his thoughts before his videos.


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Logo – an identifying statement or moto or a symbol adapted by an organization to identify its product/service
Brand – an identifying mark burned on livestock/criminals/slaves or a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

         A Logo and a Brand go hand and hand. The Logo represents the Brand. What’s your brand? What’s your Logo? Who are you? You are a walking Logo/Brand. What do you want for yourself? When are you coming out? When are you building a brand? Get inside you and find you! Pull you out! Be 100% you! You can make it! Give 100% to the brand of you! Run your race at your pace and you’ll come in first place!

(click the link to watch the full video)
#BuildYourBrand #WhatsYourLogo #RunYouRaceAtYourPace


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