Infidelity/Moral Obligation


Infidelity is being unfaithful to moral obligations or disloyalty. What are your morals, values, and/or obligations? What are you cheating on? Infidelity isn’t just about cheating on your spouse but also about you cheating on yourself. Cheating on your process, schedules, dreams and aspirations you set for yourself. Who/What are you loyal to? You have the ability to stay loyal to yourself. If you aren’t the greatest you, You can be then you’re cheating on yourself. You may have been dealt a bad hand. Pick up the deck, shuffle the cards and re-deal the cards in your favor. Think about the infidelity you commit to yourself. You can get up, show up and blow up!


(Click the link to watch the video on YouTube)

#ShowUpToBlowUp #NeverCheat #MoralsValues #MrPien


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