You can do all things…with Wisdom!


In today’s video (click the word “video” to see it), I share that although Philippians 4:13 states that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, there are just somethings that we shouldn’t do at certain stages in our life.

As I take on a challenge that I was afraid to do as a child, I realize that just because I was able to motivate myself to do it as an adult that I shouldn’t have. I did it at a cost to bruising my body pretty bad and could have broken my neck. And although it motivated my son to take action, I’m sure I could have come up with safer way to inspire him.

What are you doing that just because you can, you probably shouldn’t? Just because you can get into another relationship after a break up, doesn’t mean you should. Have you taken some time to yourself to heal first? Have you learned what needs to be changed in yourself before getting with someone new? Often times we get into new relationships and we take the same old mind sets and habits expecting something new.

Although you can do all things you put your mind to, the wisdom in knowing when to do them is where your strength really lies. Just make sure God (or your higher power) is telling you to do THAT thing.

I hope this motivation and inspiration was something for your situation to help free and relax your mind as if you’re on a vacation!!

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