Learn to swim

As I sit by the swimming (Click the word “swimming” to see today’s video) pool, I’m reminded that just like the pool has levels so does life. A pool has a shallow end, then 4 feet, then 5 feet, etc., you get the picture. When we face hurt and pain along our journey in life it has levels also. On the surface (shallow end) we blame others for that pain so much so that we box ourselves in to protect ourselves and oftentimes we hurt ourselves as well as hurt others who are undeserving of our behavior.

When seeking healing from the hurts and pains of life, you will have to go deeper. Our perception of a situation is our reality and our reality may not always be true. Ask yourself why you are hurt (4 feet)? Was the other person’s actions intentional (5 feet)? if answering these questions are hard to answer on your own you can reach out to a life guard (coach, mentor). Life guards are certified and trained to help you learn how to swim.

What ever you decide, I’m here cheering you on. We all face hurt and pain but we don’t have it let it drown us. I want to see you win in your life. Just continue to JBY – Just Be You and AYG – Activate Your Greatness to become the best version of you!!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation!

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