We all have a Purpose


I’m out here in these woods (click the word “woods” to see the video), and I often wonder how is it that some trees or some plants from some vegetation can survive in the cold winter months but they won’t make it through the summer heat. Some like Evergreen trees can survive in all seasons it’s like they just fit. Roses come out in the summer they bloom differently. Cactuses bloom all year round, winter or summer doesn’t matter. I just thought to myself all these things have a different purpose in life, they provide something different to the ecosystem. They provide something different to the earth, so what they need to survive is different from the tree next to them, than the plant next to them.

We are the same as these trees, we started out as a seedling and we were planted here on this earth. Some of us live in cold weather climates like Alaska, some of us live in hot weather climates, like Hawaii and some of us enjoy the heat and the cold. We were all planted here on this earth to do different things because we all have a different plan and purpose in life. Everybody don’t have to understand what your purpose is or what God’s plan is for your life or why you look the way you do or why you survived the things that you survived. You need to know that God has you planted there because it’s a purpose for your life. Now you just have to figure out, or ask Him what your purpose is so you can get to a climate that’s made just for you. A climate that fits you with a temperature that’s right for you and a group of people that fits you, a group of people that helps you grow. You can be surrounded by multiple trees, plants and wildlife but if you know what your purpose is in life then you’ll probably stay green forever.

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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Subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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