What do you Believe?

In today’s “Whats going on Wednesday” video (click the word video to see it), I’m talking about the importance of what you believe. What do you believe in for yourself? What do you believe daily? Do you believe the negative things that people pour into your life or do you believe the positive things that YOU tell yourself? For every one negative thing that someone tells you about you or someone pours into your life it takes 16 positive things to reverse that negative effect. What are you believing in your life today man? What are you believing you can obtain? Walt Disney believed he could become or he believed in what Disney is today.

Our belief system carries us so much further than our education or our training. Now, our education and our training can enhance what we believe or help us to obtain the things that we believe are possible but without belief without truly laying hold to the things that you believe in then my friend there is no way that your education or your training will carry you to the goals and the dreams and the desires you set for yourself. You must believe that the things that you set out for in life are possible for you to obtain. You must believe that the people that you surround yourself with if they have a negative mindset or negative attitude that that could become you. You must believe we become the company that we keep.

Our belief system is more powerful than just about any other system on God’s great earth. That’s why His word says “Faith without works is dead”(James 2:14), you must have faith before you actually lay hold to those things. What is faith? Faith to me is believing that anything I set my mind and my heart to, I believe that my God will see me through. I believe that the faith that I have in Him will allow me to obtain those things even before I see them or feel them tangibly in my hand. What are you believing? I believe that every negative aspect that’s poured into someone’s life it will take up to 16 positive things poured into your life to reverse the effect of that negative thought. Believe that what you hope for is possible for you to hold one day. Believe that what you pray for is possible, that God will provide the way for you to obtain the things that you believe.

I challenge you to believe that the greatness that lies within you will pour out of you and you will obtain everything that you believe you can have.

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I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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