Explore New Terrain

Today I want to talk to you about exploring new terrain (click the word “terrain” to see the video). Explore new terrains in your mindset. There are some part of our minds that have rough spots, some have mountains and some valleys. Life with all of it’s twist and turns can often times create emotions in us that leave us with areas in our minds that when “touched” trigger us to come off offensive and make us seem rough to others. Then there are the life events that have given us mountain experiences; those moments we are most proud of. And then there’s the valleys, those periods in our lives that have us feeling that everything we touch is going wrong. We’ve all experienced these moments at some point and time in our lives and that’s okay.

What’s not okay is not dealing with the pain and scars that rough spots and valleys can leave behind. That’s why we must explore new terrains or start exploring the terrain of our mind often. Taking your mindset from the basic mindset of just getting up and going on auto pilot to a battle ready mindset. A mind ready for battle has been explored. Never be afraid to explore a new “pocket’ or section of your mind. It’s what helps us to grow.

You can go a step further and discover what your superpower is or super characteristics are. Knowing your super power will allow you to make decisions that will prepare you to win the battle(s) in your life. I’m daring that’s one of my top traits, I’m a leader and I’m in touch with people. I know this because I was able to identify my super power. I conquered many battles in life just by challenging the terrain in my mind; challenging old habits and old beliefs. Challenging the things people told me I couldn’t do. Challenging my actions and why I make the decisions I make. Here I am today back with my family after leaving them. It all starts in the mind. So don’t be afraid to explore new terrain in your life.

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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Subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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