Be patient, it’s Coming!!

I know what you’re thinking (click the word “thinking” to see the video). I know you think it’s not coming. I know you think it’s not gonna show up. I know you believe your dreams, your hopes and your aspirations are not going to come. But if you’re thinking that, see that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s going to come but see here’s the thing if you focusing too much about when it’s coming or how it’s coming instead of what do I do to make it come, it’ll never come. See it’s not gonna come in our time, it’s gonna come in God’s timing. So in the time that He’s giving you, keep working towards the process. You keep working towards the dream. Don’t get wrapped up on the “likes” on social media, don’t get wrapped up in the comments, don’t get wrapped up in people telling you how good you are or people telling you how bad you are. Stop getting wrapped up in the time because the time is the one thing that we don’t have control of but what you can control is not worrying about when it’s coming and start worrying about how it’s coming. Just know that if you believe it’s coming then it’s going to come. So keep working towards your dreams, keep working towards your ambitions, keep working towards your goals.

Be patient, its coming!

I remember when I was in Iraq right around 2006-2007 and I was looking forward to the day I got my CIB, that’s my Combat Infantry Badge. You may be thinking, man why are you so desperate to get that? Because I thought that having it validated who I was as a soldier and I never thought it was coming. I remember my driver telling me, “don’t worry about it corporal, it’s gonna come one day”. The day that it came was the first day I got into a firefight. The day that I earned that CIB I didn’t want it to come because it came out of time that I wasn’t prepared for. On that day, on that mission I was out doing my job and I was focused but I wasn’t fully locked in so it came when I wasn’t prepared. I did my job and my training kicked in but mentally I wasn’t prepared for it to come. So be careful what you’re rushing to come into your life and just do the things in your life to prepare you for the dreams and the goals and the aspirations that you want to come. Let God continue to build you. Let God continue to build your character because all good things are gonna come in God’s timing and not in our timing.

I know, I know, I know, I know you think it’s not coming but it’s not coming in YOUR time it’s coming in HIS time. So I’m gonna need you to keep grinding, keep shining, keep showing up if you want to blow up and trust and believe it’s gonna come. Just be prepared when it comes!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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