Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate Labor Day. A day that recognizes the american workers and labor unions in the 1800’s for their fight to obtain better pay, safer working conditions, and the negotiation of hours. You see back then workers could be as young as 5 or 6 years old and they worked along side adults for far less pay. On top of that everyone worked 12 hour days for 7 days a week in unsafe working conditions, with minimal breaks. I’m sure glad that on September 5, 1882, the first ever Labor Day Parade in U.S. history took place as 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march from City Hall to Time Square in New York City. Congress legalized the holiday 12 years later.

Happy Labor Day!

To some Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. My kids have been back in school for a couple weeks now but for the majority of schools tomorrow will be the first day back. How will you celebrate this year on Labor Day? Shopping the sales, resting, preparing the kids for school and/or spending time with family? What ever you decide to do on this 3-day weekend, lets not forget those who fought and died for the current working conditions we have. While they certainly aren’t perfect, it’s definitely progress. Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

http://www.history.com Labor Day 2020 pub April 13, 2010 updated Sept. 1, 2020

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