Can you survive the rain?

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It’s been raining the last couple days here in Texas (click the word “Texas” to see the video). I’m grateful for the rain as it has cooled down the hot weather we were having before. Although the rain is cooling down the weather it can be dangerous to those driving on it. In 2005 when I was getting my CDL, it was said that the most dangerous time for traffic accidents is within the first 30 mins of rain. See the first 30 mins is when the rain is washing up all the oil, dirt, grime and what ever solvents may be on the concrete or cement at that time. And when all of those things are washed up it makes the road slippery and this makes it harder to control the steering of your vehicle.

Can you survive the rain?

This had me thinking, in life when you first start to change or when you first start to see the revelation that God has for your life. When you first start to believe that you can do something different, those first 30 minutes is when the haters come out. It’s when the naysayers come out, telling you what you can’t do or how you can’t change. How it’s too dangerous to do something different at 30 years old, at 40 years old, at 50 years old. Or it’s when your own independent mind makes you believe that you’re not enough to change from the person that you were.

If you can survive the first 30 minutes of rain and if you can survive the first 30 minutes or 30 days of the onslaught of the negative words or the negative people that’s attempting to pour into your life what you can’t do, then you can make it to becoming a new YOU. You can make it to becoming the great person that you’re called to be. You can make it to what God has for your life. As the rain is washing up some things from your past don’t focus on the first 30 minutes, let the rain do what it does, let it wash away the things that’s supposed to be washed away. Let the naysayers do what they do, let them talk negatively. Let them talk negative to you, let them talk negative about you but know that it’s only gonna last for the first 30 minutes or so. It will be washed away and once the things on the road wash away, your tires will begin to grip the road and once the naysayers go away your mind will begin to shift and you’ll begin to see the changes that you’ve seen for yourself. Don’t quit after the first 30 minutes, keep going, keep pushing yourself. Keep believing in God’s process. Show up to blow up!! Man you can do anything you put your mind to!!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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