Are you a teddy bear?

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Years ago my wife called me a teddy bear and this bothered me a lot. I’m from Detroit and I don’t play no games. I served 15 years in the army and I served on several tours. What did she mean by that? I decided to look up the definition of teddy bear and do some research on bears and found that bears have great qualities. Although I am from Detroit and tough, it was because I had to be to survive my environment but deep down I am a teddy bear and that’s ok. What has people called you? Are you looking into why they are saying that? Sometimes our love ones see things in us we don’t see. My wife wasn’t calling me soft, she was simply saying that underneath my display of toughness she could she that I have a caring heart. Maybe what “they” are saying about you could be true. Consider the source before you dismiss or take the advise though.

Are you a teddy bear?

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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