Change is inevitable!

In today’s video (click the word “video” to see it), I recall the time I first moved to Texas. Coming from MI, which is a lot colder than Texas, 40 degrees was not cold to me. I could wear little clothing and not feel cold at all. But now having been here over 10 years my body has adapted to the Texas weather and 40 degrees is very cold. Funny how me changing states changed how my body adapted to the climate.

This just makes me think about the change that happens in or lives. A lot has probably changed for you during this quarantine. If you have kids, they are home full-time. And they are now being home schooled. If you are able to work from home, that’s a change from going into the office everyday. If you live alone or with someone, social media has become your main source for being social with friends and family outside your home. Grocery shopping in store and eating out is now being replaced by grocery pickups, Uber Eats, Grubhub and Instacart. Talk about change being inevitable!

The way we use to live before the quarantine has definitely changed, but it’s how you grow during this change that is optional. Have you decided to grow through these changes? Or are you at home complaining? What are you doing to grow? The biggest thing about change is changing your mindset. Change the way you see your circumstances and then you’ll be able to grow from them. I challenge you to see things differently so you can grow through these tough times.

I hope this motivation and inspiration was something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation!

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