Take Ownership!


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We often take ownership of everything except for our own lives (click the word “ownership” to see the video). We say things like, “that’s my car, those are my shoes, that’s my truck, that’s my girlfriend, that’s my team, etc. Speaking of teams, a lot of people take ownership of guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant when they played for certain teams and then when they left those teams people didn’t want to support them anymore, like they personally owned them. Stop taking ownership of things or people that don’t belong to you!

Take Ownership!

What’s funny to me is we take ownership of things and people that don’t belong to us only when they are doing well for us but the minute something goes wrong we act like it’s not ours anymore or it’s someone else’s fault. When our children are misbehaving we say things like, “I don’t know whose kids those are”. Or when our spouse or significant other isn’t doing what we think they should we say things like, “That ain’t my husband/wife or girl/boyfriend acting like that”. Or we blame our boss at work saying, “My boss is tripping, my boss won’t give me a raise.” We are quick to shift ownership to others when they aren’t making us look good. Take ownership even when things don’t go well.

Sometimes as parents we can’t see our kids are grown because we are still looking at them as OUR kids, not thinking about the fact that we were once kids before. We had our own mind and we wanted to do things in a certain way. My belief as a parent is that my job is not to control my kids every move by telling them what I think they should do or how they need to do it. My job is to teach them boundaries and guidelines pertaining to the things that may set them up for success in life and support THEIR dreams. God has given them to me to be a steward over them, not to control them.

As long as we continue to take ownership over things or people and never take ownership of our own life we can’t expect to have a successful life. The life that you have, that God has given you, take ownership over it and take control of it. You CAN be productive in life if you focus on the life you have and where you’re headed. #ShowUpToBlowUp #JBY

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation! – Mr. P.I.E.N.

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