Lesson learned from a snail….

In today’s video (click the word “video” to see it), I stop to follow a snail. On first sight I asked my wife, who was walking with me, if we could eat it…lol But after doing a quick google search I realize that not all snails are edible. So I didn’t touch him, instead I began to observe his behavior.

While observing it I realized that there are so many things in our lives we want to pick up that aren’t meant to be touched. Sometimes we enter into relationships that aren’t meant to be touched. Sometimes we take jobs that aren’t meant to be touched. Sometimes we buy things that we can’t afford that aren’t meant to be touched.

What things do you have your hand on that shouldn’t be touched? Did you do your research before making the final decision? Just like I did a google search before I decided not to touch the snail, we should also do our research and/or observe before we put ourselves in certain situations that could be harmful in the long run. You have a purpose and a trail to leave behind for the next generation. Stay focused on YOUR journey so that you can give this thing we call life everything you’ve got!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to help free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation!

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