You’re an Essential worker….

In today’s video (click the word “video” to see it), I reflect on the dedication the teachers have as I walk pass my daughter’s school. While the world is in quarantine, teachers and other essential workers still have to report to work. I thank the teachers, doctors, trash collectors, super market staff and countless others for their service to providing customer service in these unforeseen and uncertain circumstances.

I also thank you. Yes, you! You may not be leaving your house to perform a job but you too are an essential worker. Whether you have children, live alone, live with family, live with friends or have a spouse/partner you are essential. To those connected to you, you are an essential worker. You have a part to play in all of the relationships you’re in.

As an essential worker it’s important that you become the best version of you. Your journey is essential to your purpose in life. You may not understand why you had to go through what you went through. You may not like what you went through. But it will all make sense once you progress along your journey.

Sometimes progression can only come when you decide to forgive others and YOURSELF for pass mistakes. I recently apologized to my father for being mad at him for the way I was raised. I realize being a father myself that parenting isn’t easy. Often times we parent our children the best way we know how. Who do you have to forgive? Have you forgiven yourself for pass mistakes? This is a perfect time to do the inner work on your most essential worker…YOU!

As always, #AYG – Activate your greatness, #JBY – Just be you, #PSP – Promote, sell and push yourself!

I hope this motivation and inspiration is something for your situation to help free and relax your mind as if you are on a vacation!

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